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Not one person that had flea infestation ever wanted it in their home. But once you, your dog or your cat brings them in, it can be difficult to get rid of them. If you decide to eliminate flea yourself, you must apply whatever treatment you choose to your home, pets, and yard. However, to guarantee the absolute best result, contact Eco Pest Control Gold Coast for your flea removal and control.

How we treat 


The first step is to pinpoint the part of your property that is infested and the extent of the infestation. Cats and dogs are the common flea host and often bring them inside the home. Therefore, we will check your pets for fleas.

After physically checking the pets, we will inspect their beddings, carpet and furniture, and other parts of the home, including the outdoors. Fleas are not restricted to staying inside the house. Since they exist in any place where there are pets, inspecting your yard and other parts of the home will be a great help in evaluating the severity of the infestation.

Treatment and extermination 

  • Attractive baits 

Checking and detecting fleas is not easy due to their small size. To locate their hiding spot, we will use attractive baits to lure them. For example, we often tempt fleas with heat since they love a warm environment.

  • Flea control pesticides 

We use safe flea control pesticides to kill fleas at various stages of development. The popular ones we use include Diatomaceous earth, aerosol sprays, insect growth regulators, etc. In addition, our experts will use only environmentally-safe pesticides that are not toxic to your pets.


Flea control is an ongoing battle. As a result, you must always take measures to keep your home and pets safe from fleas. For example, clean and vacuum your home frequently to remove flea populations, and ensure your lawn is groomed. furthermore, our technicians will provide tips and advice to help you keep your home flea-free.

Why are they considered pests? 

Fleas are small, flightless parasites that feed on blood. Depending on the species, they can also transmit disease. Contrary to popular belief, a flea problem is not restricted to only pets. Also, fleas can bite humans and are the common transmitter of the rare bubonic plague. Apart from this, they also transmit the bacterial disease murine typhus to humans and can pass tapeworms and cause anemia in pets.

True, pet owners are primarily at risk of an infestation. However, wild animals can bring fleas into your home. Flea bites are small, but their saliva can cause severe flea allergy dermatitis in pets. Their debris also causes similar allergic reactions in humans. Although the bites will usually subside without treatment, you must protect yourself from further biting.

Fleas can live for about 100 days before they die. During this time, females can produce up to 2,000 offspring.

Common species in the city 

The most common flea species in Australia is the cat flea. Apart from this, we have dog fleas and human fleas. Although the latter two species are rare, cat fleas affect people and dogs.

Common signs of infestation

  • Dry or raw skin
  • Irritated ears
  • Excessive biting or scratching at the skin
  • Small scabs or red sores
  • Flea dirt
  • White rice-like pieces in pet feces
  • Loss of fur
  • Pale gums
  • Live sighting

Treatment tips and advice 

  • Use a powerful vacuum and a steam cleaner
  • Put some tape over your vacuum cleaner hose while vacuuming to prevent fleas from escaping from the bag.
  • Hot soapy water can kill fleas in all life stages without posing a risk to humans or pets.
  • Use flea combs to remove flea dirt, adult fleas, and dried blood from your pet’s fur and skin.
  • Thoroughly bath your pet with hot water and shampoo
  • Expose fleas to the sun by regularly mowing or pruning your yard.
  • Use spot-on prevention treatment.
  • Use recommended oral flea prevention medication under supervision.
  • Keep your pet from wild animals
  • Invest in a flea repellent collar. The collars contain a chemical that repels insects.
  • Wash all beddings
  • Remove debris and spread cedar chips in places where your pets lie
  • Talk to your vet before using natural remedies to prevent allergies


  • Where do fleas come from? 

Fleas breed and develop in beds, nests, and anywhere animals lie down. Also, pets pick up fleas directly from areas infected animals have been lying or from other animals and bring them home. Lastly, a single adult flea can quickly become a problem.

  • I treated my dog for fleas a few weeks ago. Why are they back? 

Incorrect application, resistance, and underdosing are often responsible for failed flea treatment. This is why you should call a professional to ensure 100% treatment.

  • What problems will fleas cause if I leave them untreated? 

Fleas will breed rapidly and cause a heavy infestation if you don’t treat them early.

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