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Termidor is the best for perimeter pest control. At Eco Pest Control Gold Coast, we are proud to be an accredited applicator of Termidor. We service homes and businesses with the number 1 termite defence product in the world. Termidor protects more than 4 million homes and is incredibly successful in killing termite colonies without disrupting the environment.

People sometimes ask, “when selecting a chemical barrier, should we use Termidor?” If we and 4 million people in the World do, why shouldn’t you?

Termidor treatment is effective for live termites. It has a life expectancy of 8 years, and if used correctly, guarantees 100% protection for any structure.

We don’t just claim that Termidor works, but we back our claims with the assurance warranty. The warranty offers $2 million that covers structural damages to your home. This goes a long way to reflect our confidence in Termidor and commitment to customers.

Impressive mode of delivery

The mode of delivery sets Termidor apart from other termiticides. After applying Termidor to a perimeter, an active termite that ingests or touches it becomes a carrier. It then transfers the product to other termites by contact and they all become secondary carriers.

However, the termites will still behave normally, even while they transfer Termidor to other termites they contact. This transfer effect will continue through contact and spread like a virus throughout the colony. It will ultimately prevent termites from moulting and killing the entire colony in a few days.

Undetectable operations

The non-repellent and undetectable nature of Termidor places it higher than most insecticides. Termidor does not have any odour. As a result, termites or ants won’t smell and avoid it. Instead, they will freely cross the treatment area and even eat baits mixed with Termidor. The easy-to-use formulation has low water solubility and is suitable for low-pressure power, foamers, and hand-held sprayers.

Available in a variety

Termidor is available in two varieties – Termidor HE and Termidor SC. Termidor SC is the original but sometimes requires a high labour input.

On the other hand, Termidor HE is an improver and spreads through the soil using advanced polymer technology to give the active ingredients more movement horizontally and vertically. The availability of two options you can choose from adds a bit of flexibility to pest control using Termidor.

$2 million warranty

If you are still sceptical about using Termidor, know that the termiticide is backed by a $2 million warranty. However, the warranty is only applicable on the conditions that you apply it correctly. Not to worry, Eco Pest Control Gold Coast are accredited applicators that won’t go wrong with its usage.

If you use Termidor correctly, it guarantees 100% success. However, not using it correctly means failure. Call Eco Pest Control Gold Coast for free technical advice or quote today.


  • Termidor is safe for the environment, people, and pets
  • It is backed by a $2 million warranty subject to conditions
  • Eco Pest Control Gold Coast is an accredited Termidor applicator

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