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Termite Treatment and Prevention

Termite Control Gold Coast

Looking for affordable and reliable termite control with a full warranty? You’re in the right place.

Eco Pest Control is safe and offers effective pest control services all over Gold Coast. We are a versatile service provider. We service homes and businesses all over the city. Our service uses only the best team. We have experience treating termites without harming the environment. Not only this, but we also use the best methods and latest techniques to eliminate termites.

Why termite treatment is important

  • 1 in 3 Gold Coast homes will succumb to termite infestation during its lifecycle.
  • Costs homeowners more than $10,000 in damages.
  • Termites are ctive throughout the year and don’t sleep.
  • Termites will devour almost any type of wood in a home.

Types of treatment available 

Live spraying

Our termite treatment and control always begin with an inspection. We carry out an initial inspection of the property to determine the type of termite. Also, the extent of the infestation, and recommend treatment procedures.

If you spot any termites, we always recommend that you don’t disturb them. This is to prevent migrating to a new part of the property. Call us instead. If we discover termite presence during our inspection, we will trace the nest and spray them with Termidor.

Termite barriers

Termite barriers are protective zones that we install to keep termites out of a property. This includes chemical and physical barriers.

We usually install physical barriers during construction and renovation to block possible entryways and prevent termites from accessing your home. In some cases, we install physical barriers to force termites to reveal themselves during an invasion. This way, we can spray them.

Our chemical barriers are effective for controlling termites outside a property. We will then chemically treat the soil and create an impregnable zone. When any termite comes in contact with the treated zone, it becomes a carrier.

Termite baiting

At Eco Pest Control Gold Coast, we install termite baiting systems on property perimeters to trap and kill termites. We load the bait stations with cellulose-filled baits and an active ingredient that will kill the termites. When pests eat the bait, they will feed on other termites in the colony. Termites will eat their own kind until they are all eliminated. Here at Eco Pest Control Gold Coast, we use Senticon, Exterra, and Trelona bait stations.

Termite reticulation

We install a termite reticulation system to safeguard property against future termite attacks. It is a network of strong and flexible hose with holes in the soil. When we connect it to our pump, we will pump chemicals into the soil under your building. This forms an equally-distributed chemical barrier that keeps pests out without needing to excavate or dig the ground every time.


Why Choose Us

  • PMT’s Licensed by Queensland Govermment
  • Licensed BY QBCC
  • $20,000,000 Public Liability & Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • 20 Years Experience
  • Electronic Reporting
  • 10 Year Protection
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our Services

  • Annual Inspections
  • Physical and Chemical Barriers
  • Bait and Moniroring
  • Reticulation Systems

Locations Serviced

  • Gold Coast City and surrounding suburbs
  • Yatala
  • Beaudesert
  • Southport
  • Hope Island
  • Nerang
  • Coolangatta
  • Robina


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