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Did you know that 1 in 3 Gold Coast properties will succumb to termite infestation during its lifecycle? Well, did you also know that insurance companies don’t cover damages to a structure caused by termites?

Therefore, whatever damage termites cause to your property will be your burden to bear and yours alone. But, at Eco Pest Control Gold Coast, we can help you avoid it with a termite inspection.

Termites are destructive pests. If you let them, they will cause unexpected damages to your home. This is why the Australian government, through Australian Standards AS 3660.2-2000, recommends that property owners check for signs of termite activities at least once a year and more if their home is located in a high-risk area.

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Who are they for, and why are they important?

An annual termite inspection is for all homeowners. Also, if you live in a part of the city where termites are a regular headache, you may need to inspect your property monthly or every two months. Regardless, your termite inspection can be the difference between thousands of dollars in structural damage and a quick-fix solution.

Areas we inspect


  • Crawl spaces, damp and dark areas
  • Inside walls
  • Ceilings
  • Roof voids
  • Floors
  • Ventilation
  • Timber cabinets
  • Skylights
  • Door jambs
  • Floorboards
  • Architraves


  • Backyard landscaping
  • Under the house
  • Dead trees and stumps
  • Soil areas
  • Garden beds
  • Beams and trusses
  • Roofing beams
  • Guttering and down piping

Tools we use

Moisture meters

Moisture metres help us identify anomalies inside the wood to know if the moisture level is high or low.

Thermal imaging

The thermal imaging tool detects heat through the floors and walls of a home.

Termite tapper

We use the termite tapper to hit walls and load-bearing to know if a termite attack has occurred.


A portable headlight or flashlight provides illumination into the walls, around your yard, and also under the house.


Termatrac motion sensor detects termite motion and movement through the walls, brickwork, and tiles.

What if termites are found?

Signs of termite damage include:

  • Frass piles around the house
  • Hollow sounding timber
  • Mud packing
  • Sagging floorboards
  • Mud trails and mud shelter tubes
  • Softness or brown stain in lower walls
  • Termite noise

Our professionals will come over to inspect your property for signs of termite activity or damage. If termites are found, we don’t immediately recommend a treatment plan. Instead,

  • First of all, we will identify the type of termites found in your property.
  • Next, we will assess the extent of the infestation.

Upon successful identification of the type of termites and the extent of the infestation, we can proceed to recommend an extermination plan. For example, if we detect live termites, we will immediately take action and spray them to reduce the risk of extensive damages to your home. We stock our service vehicles with the required tools and equipment for pest control.

If we don’t discover live termites during our inspection, we will proceed to recommend either of the following treatment services:

  • Termite barriers
  • Termite baiting system
  • Recommend preventive measures

Termite Treatment Services

Termite barriers

At Eco Pest Control Gold Coast, we use physical and chemical termite barriers to prevent the risk of termite attack, forestall infestation, and ensure extermination. We use physical and chemical barriers to achieve this objective.

Physical barriers

Physical termite barriers are used during the pre-construction stage or renovation. It involves laying sheets and protective films beneath the ground, usually along the foundation and slabs.

Termites access the property through the soil. What we do is to block possible entryways to prevent future access. Beyond restricting entry, we sometimes leave obvious entry paths so that termite activities can be more visible. By leaving them visible, pest control is easier and more convenient.

Chemical barriers

Unlike physical barriers, our chemical barriers use Termidor – the best termiticide for controlling the termite population. We create a barrier with Termidor to destroy the entire termite colony.

After contact with the chemical, a single termite will transport the virus back to the colony and infect other termites. The slow-acting chemical will then infect the entire colony and kill off every termite in a few weeks, including the queen.

Termite baiting system

We place baiting systems on properties and load them with termite baits. Termites find cellulose palatable. Therefore, we load the system with cellulose and an active termiticide. After consuming the bait station, the infected termites will share the food with others and effectively infect the colony. Furthermore, this will ultimately kill every termite on your property.


How long does an termite inspection take?

It depends on a few factors. The goal of any inspection is to get an accurate picture of the state of your home and whether there are any signs that need remediation. In most cases, the average timeframe for a quality termite inspection is about 1-2 hours. However, this can vary depending on the size, age, and complexity of your construction. Also, if you have extensive property that includes multiple levels, then more time might be needed to inspect the properly.

How much does termite inspection cost?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer. The price for termite inspections varies depending on the type of inspector you use. Also, the extent of the inspection required for your property. Furthermore, basic inspections start at around $200. While more intensive evaluations can cost upwards of $1,000 or more than that. Lastly, many professional inspectors offer free estimates to give clients a better idea of what they should expect before committing to anything.

How do I get a termite inspection report?

Getting your hands on a termite inspection report is straightforward. After the inspector has finished evaluating your property, he will then provide a full account of their findings in written form. In addition, most reports typically include diagrams that help you visualize the areas of inspection. Also, the detailed descriptions about any signs found. Lastly, the document can provide helpful tips on treatments for existing pest issues.

Termite Facts

  • Subterranean termites and dry wood termites are the two primary types of white ants that damage Australian homes.
  • Termites are prolific wood eaters that will consume almost any wood type. Also, they are active throughout the year, including winter.
  • Termites don’t sleep and won’t stop eating. They will then feast on anything like clothing, paper, etc.
  • Termite species queen lays over 40,000 eggs per day. That is 15-25 eggs per minute.
  • 1 in 3 Gold Coast homes will experience extreme termite infestation over their life cycle.

Why Choose Us

  • Eco pest Control Gold Coast offers a 100% pest inspection guarantee.
  • Excellent onsite service and communication make us the leading pest control providers in Gold Coast.
  • Pest inspectors are trained, licensed, and insured to perform termite inspections on properties.
  • Services include residential and commercial pest management for all pest types.
  • Combine all of this, and you have a pest control company that offers quality you can trust for your home and business.

Our Services

  • Residential Pest Control
  • Commercial Pest Management
  • Pre Purchase Timber Pest Inspections
  • Comprehensive Termite Management Plan including Detection, Treatment and Pest Prevention advice
  • Termidor Termite Barriers with 8 Year Warranty
  • Termite Baiting and Monitoring for complete pest protection all year round

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