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A bed bug infestation is one of the worst you can be stuck with. You will come to dread it so much that you will be scared to sleep. Bed bugs reproduce rapidly, feed on blood, have a painful bite, and smell awful when you kill them. Now, while it is true that there are many ways to kill bed bugs, only a few are effective.

See, bed bugs can survive for a year without feeding. So, you are definitely not starving them to freedom.

Happily, our team at Eco Pest Control Gold Coast are trained to locate, kill, and prevent future bed bug attacks.

How we treat

Eco Pest Control Gold Coast uses environmentally-safe methods and equipment to guarantee the best protection for your family and the environment. Our technicians are trained and experienced, and they follow strict removal protocols to ensure complete extermination.


Our bed bug inspection helps us understand the extent of the infestation, the species, possible entryways, and recommended extermination techniques. Our staff will use visual inspection, passive and active detection devices, and canine scent detection to pinpoint the presence of bed bugs. After evaluating the species and type, we can come up with a suitable treatment and prevention plan tailored to your home needs.

Bed Bug Treatment and extermination

We treat bed bugs with safe pesticides that won’t compromise the environment, your family and pets. Since each infestation is unique, we will only use methods that suit your property needs. We use:

  • Neonicotinoids: This is synthetic nicotine that affects the nicotine receptors of the nervous system. It prompts the nerves to fire repeatedly until they fail.
  • Insect growth regulators: This prevents bed bugs from developing into adulthood.
  • Pyrroles: Our team use Chlorfenapyr to disrupt bed bug cell functions and kill them.
  • Desiccants: we use desiccants to destroy the protective outer coating on the bugs to cause them to dehydrate and die.
  • Pyrethrin and pyrethroids, and biochemicals: we use these insecticides to kill bedbugs.


After the initial treatment and control, our technicians will keep up with your property by monitoring for signs of resurgence. If we need to, we will come back and reapply the treatment. More importantly, we will adopt and recommend home measures sufficient enough to prevent future attacks and infestation.

Why are they considered pests?

Bed bugs don’t transmit diseases. However, they cause significant economic consequences, mental and physical health problems. For example, it is not uncommon for people with a serious infestation to dread going to bed. Humans can also develop a mild or severe whole-body allergic reaction to bed bug bites.

When a bed bug bite is left untreated, it can lead to a secondary infection on the skin. The wingless pests mostly come into homes via bags, backpacks, or suitcases. They are nocturnal; hence, hide well in tiny cracks during the day. When it is night, bed bugs use the heat the body generates and carbon dioxide to locate a host. Then, they will pierce the skin and feast.

An adult female bed bug can deposit hundreds of eggs throughout her lifetime. The eggs are small, and you will likely not detect them until they hatch about a week later.

Common species in the city

The common bed bug species in Australia are:

  • C.Hemipterus: adapted to tropical regions and prefers high temperatures and humidity
  • Cimex Lectularius: adapted to temperate climates

Common signs of infestation

  • Live bed bug sighting
  • Unexplainable or painful bites on your skin at night
  • Eggshells, shed skins, or fecal spots
  • Bloodstains on your sheets or pillowcase
  • An offensive and musty odour from their sweat glands
  • Bed bug excrement or dark spots on sheets, walls, mattresses, and bedclothes.

Treatment tips and advice

  • Wash all bedding, clothing, and curtains in hot water and dry them
  • Only use safe pesticides after reading the label or under supervision
  • Steam clean often and deep clean your mattress
  • Dispose of infested mattresses in places no one else can take them if the mattress is beyond saving.
  • Repair noticeable cracks in furniture and fill in wall cracks
  • Use a tightly woven, zippered cover to encase your mattress
  • Reduce clutter around the bed
  • Scrub the mattress seams and floor with a stiff brush to remove bed bug eggs.
  • Vacuum regularly to pick bed bug eggs and dispose of your vacuum cleaner bag away from the house.
  • Isolate items without bed bugs from infested items


Why are bed bugs hard to treat?

They can live for several months without eating. They can also withstand different temperatures from nearly freezing to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

Are they just in beds?

No, bed bugs are not just in beds. They can hide in sofas, chair cushions, cracks and crevices, and behind electrical outlets. They pretty much live anywhere.

Do bed bugs spread diseases?

No, they don’t. Untreated bites can make you sick though.

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