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Wasp Control Gold Coast

Stung by wasps recently? Don’t let them ruin your outdoor fun! Call us now for help. We can quickly get rid of your wasp problem.

Wasps swarm and sting aggressively to protect their nest. Their stings are painful and for some people, they can cause severe allergic reactions. Their nests on your property also lower enjoyment of your home. Take action now to prevent wasps from ruining your outdoor living areas this summer.

At Eco Pest Control Gold Coast, we’ve been providing effective wasp control services for over 10 years. Our licensed and insured technicians use IPM techniques to safely and humanely eliminate wasp nests on your property. Our goal is to provide a wasp-free outdoor living space, so you can relax and entertain without fear of stings.

With a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, you can trust us to safely remove your wasp problem.

Don’t wait – call us now to get rid of your wasp problem and enjoy your property again!

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What are Wasps?

Wasps are stinging insects that are related to bees and ants. There are over 12,000 species of wasps globally, with over 850 native species in Australia. They have slender, elongated bodies with narrow waists. They measure around 1-2 centimeters long on average. The most common wasp species in Gold Coast are European wasps, paper wasps and yellow jacket wasps.

Wasps are attracted to sugary substances like nectar, tree sap, and human food and drinks. Nests can be found in trees, shrubs, under eaves, or exposed on walls. They defend their nest aggressively if disturbed. They are most active in warm weather from late spring through early fall.

The Risks of Wasps

Wasps pose health risks like painful stings, allergies, and can even be fatal for those with severe allergies. They also damage properties by building nests, chewing wood, and can cause terrible roof leaks. Controlling wasps keeps your family, pets, and home safe.

Signs of Infestation

  • Wasps flying around eaves and roofs
  • Mud or papery nests visible
  • Holes chewed in wood
  • Wasps inside attic or wall voids
  • Wasps buzzing around outdoor areas

How to Control / Prevent Wasps

How to Control / Prevent Wasps

  • Seal cracks and small holes
  • Install screens on vents
  • Keep properties clean
  • Install outdoor lights away from doors
  • Remove standing water and fallen fruit that attract wasps.
  • Call a professional exterminator company

What to Do if You Have a Problem

If you see signs of wasps or find a nest on your property, take action now by calling Eco Pest Control Gold Coast on 07 5240 5555 to schedule an inspection.

We can schedule a fast, effective wasp removal service, guaranteed!

Our Wasp Control Services

  • Wasp nest removal
  • Power spraying of nests
  • Residual nest sprays
  • Targeted nest dusting
  • Preventative wasp barrier sprays
  • Applying professional grade insecticides
  • Using eco-friendly products
  • Emergency wasp treatments
  • Ongoing maintenance and monitoring

Why Choose Us?

  • 10 years experience
  • Fast and effective treatments
  • Licensed and insured
  • We identify all nests
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed
  • Available for emergency calls
  • Flexible booking times
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Affordable pricing
  • FREE quotes

Our Locations

We provide wasp pest control services across the Gold Coast region, including:

  • Surfers Paradise
  • Broadbeach
  • Burleigh Heads
  • Coolangatta
  • Robina
  • Mudgeeraba
  • Nerang
  • Paradise Point
  • Runaway Bay

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If wasps are disrupting your home or business, take action now! Call Eco Pest Control today on 07 5240 5555 or visit our contact page to schedule service.

Our licensed experts are ready to help remove your wasp nests safely and effectively.