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Bee Control Gold Coast

Have you noticed bees buzzing around your property in Gold Coast? Protect your family’s health and home value with Gold Coast’s top choice for bee removal – Eco Pest Control.

Bees play an important role in pollinating flowers and plants. However, they become a real nuisance around your home when their hives grow too large. Bees stung are painful, and some people may have serious allergic reactions. Protecting your family from potential bee dangers is so important.

At Eco Pest Control Gold Coast, we understand how unsettling a bee problem can be. With over 10 years of experience providing effective bee removal in Gold Coast, we know exactly how to humanely get rid of bee hives on your property. Our licensed and insured technicians use the latest techniques and bee removal tools to safely eliminate bees.

We provide a 100% satisfaction warranty, so you can have total peace of mind.

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What are Bees?

There are over 1,500 species of bees in Australia. Some of the most common bees on the Gold Coast are European honey bees, Carpenter bees, Australian stingless bees, and Bumblebees. Bees play an important role in plant pollination, but can become a nuisance around homes when their populations grow too large.

The Risks of Bees

Bees pose health risks through stings, allergic reactions, and in rare cases anaphylactic shock. They can also damage structures by building hives in walls or eaves. Swarms of bees are a nuisance and can deter people from enjoying their outdoor space.

Signs of Infestation

  • Seeing swarming bees around your property
  • Noticing bees entering holes or cracks in walls/roof
  • Finding wax, honey drips, or bee carcasses
  • Getting stung by bees on your property

Can you get pest control for bees?

How to Control Bees

  • Seal cracks, holes, and openings where bees can enter
  • Install screens on vents, chimneys, and weep holes
  • Use bee repellents around doors and windows
  • Keep counters and foods clean to avoid attracting bees
  • Plant bee-friendly flowers away from doors or play areas
  • Call an expert for hive removal

What to Do if You Have a Problem?

If you spot a bee hive forming or see swarms of bees on your home or business property, take action right away by calling Eco Pest Control Gold Coast at 07 5555 5555 to schedule an inspection.

Our expert beekeepers can remove the bees safely and seal up your home.

Our Bee Control Services

  • Bee removal and relocation
  • Destroying hives and nests
  • Beehive fumigation options
  • Preventative bee control
  • Allergy-friendly bee cleanups
  • Licensed and insured services
  • Sealing entry points

Why Choose Us

  • 10 years experience
  • Humane and eco-friendly methods
  • Beekeeper relocates hives humanely
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Fast response within 24 hours
  • Friendly local technicians you can trust
  • We clean up completely after service
  • Affordable pricing
  • FREE quotes

Our Locations

We serve our customers in residential and commercial properties across:

  • Gold Coast
  • Brisbane
  • Sunshine Coast
  • Northern Rivers Area
  • Scenic Rim

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