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Termite Reticulation Systems Gold Coast

Eco Pest Control Gold Coast reticulation system is a long-term solution for taking care of termites. If you want to install a termite barrier around the foundations of your home, then you have come to the right place. Our reticulation system is a suitable alternative if you want to protect your properties without drilling holes through tiles, paths, and pavers.

What is a reticulation system? 

A termite reticulation system is essentially a hose we bury into the ground while installing a chemical termite barrier in homes. Put differently, it is a network of pipes or hose we install around the perimeters of property under concrete paving, garden beds, or around the foundation.

The reticulation hose is sturdy enough to deliver termiticide to the soil under the building or serve as a perimeter barrier to deter termites. Not only this, but it is flexible and does not require elbows for bends.

After installing the reticulation system, we fill and refill it from time to time to protect your property from termite infestation. The system is just like a chemical barrier except with a few differences.

When we install a normal chemical barrier, we only apply Termidor to the soil around your premises to form a protected zone. Then, when termites come in contact with the zone, they become carriers of the virus and infect others. However, this comes with a limitation. These include:

  • Pinpointing the exact paths that termites will pass
  • The pain of labour during application
  • Equal distribution of chemicals in the soil

Our termite reticulation lets us avoid these major drawbacks. Unlike normal chemical barriers, reticulation systems

  • Decrease exposure to chemicals since we cover the hose after installation and treatment
  • Allows treatment, replacement, and refill without drilling or excavation

How is the termite reticulation system installed? 

  • First, we trench around the perimeters of a property.
  • Then, we chemically treat the footings of the slab and backfill the soil to about 50-100 millimetres below the finishing level.
  • We install the termite reticulation system hose in the remaining soil. The reticulation hose is sturdy and flexible. It also has various evenly-spaced holes throughout at approximately 200 mm intervals.

How we fill and refill reticulation systems 

We connect the hose to a high-pressure pump and pump chemical (Termidor) into the soil.

Since there are holes in the hose, the chemical is evenly distributed through the soil.

Our reticulation system is easy and offers flexibility. Because it is a system, we don’t need to re-disturb the gardens, pavers, grass, and other parts around your property. The entire process is also less labour intensive and saves cost.

At Eco Pest Control Gold Coast, we recommend replenishing the chemical barriers after every five years. When we come back for a refill, we will simply connect our chemical pump to the reticulation system and treat it at high pressure.

As you may have guessed, reticulation systems cost more to install than normal chemical barriers. However, it saves cost and makes future treatment easy. Contact us to find out more about our reticulation system.


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